Why Use an Expensive Video Wall System when Cheaper Alternative

Video walls are one of the latest upgrades in the display arena. Is it really worthwhile to invest in it is the concern of some people? Their misgiving is not wrong. When you can manage with a single large display system with a projector and multiple monitors more cheaply why spend on an expensive video wall. Many a display wall controller manufacturer hasn’t invested in making the video walls for nothing.

A Better Option

There is an advantage of using a video wall display system over a set of individual monitors. Video wall system offers an integrated or a cohesive solution for displaying images. Over and above this display is of high resolution. To the viewer, it may seem to be a simple, single display but to do so complex technology is used to bring it about. You have flexibility, performance, and interactivity when you use LED video wall controller to display images. With basic solutions, this kind of display is not a possibility. So you can say that using the video wall display is really beneficial in many respects.

Superior in All Areas 

The organizations that use this kind of technology will vouch for the same. Usually, nowadays this is made use of in the control rooms, for research purposes, outdoor display signage and more. This is preferred for its superior visual performance with superior brightness and powerful processing. Also, you can have flexible presentations that are interactive too. This kind of system can be used to display any kind of content virtually. Different kinds of content from different sources and format can be integrated and displayed on a single large screen via a video wall controller.

Better Integration 

This is not possible by a projector. Usually, content from cameras, cable boxes, computers may need to be presented on a single screen for viewing of a certain audience. The video wall technology makes viewing of this on a single screen easy. This kind of integration saves lots of effort and makes a correlation an easy task.

In research work, educational institutes and other areas where such integrated presentation is the need of the hour this kind of technology has come as a blessing. The content that is presented can be zoomed, scaled, layered and cropped thereby increasing the perception. Now you can modify the content on this video wall display. Even after all this juggling, the quality of the image is not compromised. Isn’t it a better option.

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